Photoshop Masterclass - 'Cars at Night'


Photoshop Masterclass - 'Cars at Night'

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Photoshop Tutorial - ‘Cars at Night’ - (2 HR VIDEO)
I will be walking you through how to build out a night composite of a car in Adobe Photoshop, step by step using 7 different images and many different techniques.
Included are Photoshop techniques like: masking, healing, compositing, re-painting, and adding contrast, color and sharpness to your image. I will also be covering one of the most requested techniques— how to layer a circular star trail into the background of your composition.

There will be some coverage of the photography involved in creating the images beforehand, but this is mainly a tutorial involving post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Upon purchasing, you will receive a download for an .rtf file with a link inside it. Paste that link into your desktop and your tutorial will instantly download.

I will be available via email or DM for anyone who purchases the tutorial and needs help with anything.

Thank you!!